Instructions for Case Reports and Case Series


The abstract should be 250 words or fewer. It may be either structured or unstructured. If structured, use the same sections as described below for the components of the report (Introduction, Case Presentation, Intervention and Outcomes, Discussion).

Case Report Components

  • Introduction: State why this case is unusual or important.
  • Case presentation: Provide a brief summary of the patient’s presenting demographics, other relevant characteristics, complaint(s) and related symptomatology.
  • Intervention and outcomes: Describe the course of treatment, including frequency and duration, and summarize the patient’s clinical outcomes, using recognized outcome measures if possible.
  • Discussion: Succinctly state the important aspects of the case, in terms of its implications for patient care in general, or for specific patient populations or conditions. You may also compare/contrast the case to other cases in the published literature. Be cautious about overstating the importance/implications of your case.